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Concept Motorcycle BMW R 1200 AR
4 years ago

Concept Motorcycle BMW R 1200 AR

Concept Motorcycle BMW R 1200 AR

BMW R1200 AR is a concept motorcycle that can be to the taste of all those who like the new Bavarian motorcycle BMW R nineT. The concept of BMW R1200AR was developed by Italian design guru Oberdan Bezzi. The label “AR” means “American Roadster”. Design inspired by the classic motorcycle category flat-tracker, but in the heart of the bike features a modern boxer bike BMW R1200.

There are few extremes in the design of the BMW R1200 AR like, ranging from the classic features of the California customizing and finishing outlines on traditional scrambler, although the basic elements of a pretty standard. Oberdan Bezzi not changed anything in the engine and propeller shaft, but painted around a completely new chassis and a new body kit: trellis frame, a small fuel tank, a custom saddle and other things.

BMW R 1200 AR by American Roadster

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