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Centennial Sportster
6 years ago

Centennial Sportster by DP Customs

Centennial Sportster

Del Prado Brothers manage and operate DP Customs, a custom bike shop located in Arizona, USA. They recently have built another affordable custom nicknamed “Centennial” based on a 1200cc custom Sportster. It is especially built in the honor of 100th anniversary of the US state of Arizona.

This bike tells the story that how Del Prado Brothers actually manage to build bikes on a tight budget. They work on a simple plan, rip everything apart, remove everything unnecessary and restructure it brilliantly. While building “Centennial” they used custom seat and hand fabricated rear cowl. The DPC 2 into 1 exhaust was also custom made. To give the bike a unique and attractive look the DPC paint scheme is used. Take a look!

Left side view

On stand

Front view

Centennial Sportster by DP Customs

Custom Sportster 1200DP Customs 'Centennial

Back side view

DP Customs Centennial Sportster

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