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Cafe Racer Yamaha SR500 by Chappell Customs
5 years ago

Cafe Racer Yamaha SR500 by Chappell Customs

Cafe Racer Yamaha SR500 by Chappell Customs

Cafe Racer Yamaha SR500 is built by Chappell Customs, adhering to the maximum with minimalist style. The background alteration of Yamaha SR500 is quite interesting. As usual, to the masters of “SS” came the experts of Chappell Customs. The guy was lame, being a little out of shape after the accident, which, by the way, do not discourage him hunting ride a motorcycle, but rather forced at last to make a move and get hold of a cafe racer dreams. It so happened that in the garage “Chappell Customs” stood Yamaha SR500. When the customer saw this bike, the donor’s choice was obvious.”

Cafe Racer Yamaha SR500 Details:

  • Slightly modernized and fully restored frame
  • Rear sub-frame is shortened
  • The whole electrical system is hidden in the tail of the motorcycle
  • Plug xs650, altered and modernized progressive suspension parts
  • Redesigned upper cross member
  • Black speedometer
  • Homemade fuel tank, as well as the seat (option 2 to travel over relatively long distances)
  • Engine lavishing up to 540 cm3: racing cams, valves, springs, etc.
  • Steps Kawasaki zx10
  • Rear suspension works
  • New front brake, carburetor and other small items

Cafe Racer Yamaha SR500  on stand

Cafe Racer Yamaha SR500 Logo

Cafe Racer Yamaha SR500 Pictures

Cafe Racer Yamaha SR500 Seat Photos

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