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Cafe Racer Honda GP250R Pictures
5 years ago

Cafe Racer Honda GP250R Pictures and Review

Cafe Racer Honda GP250R Pictures

California Master Darrell Schneider is widely known in the circles of motorists. He specializes in the manufacture of high quality parts made of fiberglass and can make part of any complexity. Darrell also enjoys motorcycles. He recently redid motocross bike Honda CRF250R 2004 in a first-class cafe racer with a modern and aggressive design.

Cafe Racer Honda GP250R Engine Pix

Recasting Honda CRF250R in the cafe GP250R, Darrell Schneider found inspiration in the works of Roland Sands, Richard Pollock and Ron Wood. According to the master, the above mentioned specialists build cool bikes, so they should learn. Many modern cafe racers too far from the source of origin of culture, but Darrell Schneider skillfully managed to combine modern details and refined style.

To start Californian completely went through the motor, using parts from later model Honda, set cams Crower, and he upgraded the carburetor.

Other parts and modifications:
• Fork upgraded parts Race Tech
• Custom beam
• Wheel Sun
• Front brake calipers Honda CBR600RR
• Fiberglass body
• Arrow exhaust system

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