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BMW Cafe Racer 'Azure' Based on BMW R80 1982
5 years ago

Cafe Racer ‘Azure’ Based on BMW R80 1982

BMW Cafe Racer 'Azure' Based on BMW R80 1982

Several years ago, Kevin Hill opened a workshop in England “Kevil’s Speed Shop”, becoming one of the country’s leading specialists in repair and customization of motorcycles BMW. Maybe even the world. Each project has a unique design, but English master always pays special attention to its ride quality motorcycles. It is important not only aesthetic, but also the operational indicators.

The picture shows a project named Kevin “Azure” (blue). Motorcycle perfectly characterizes the level of principles and master. As a donor Hill used bike BMW R80 1982 classic Bavarian motorcycle. R80 is equipped with a 795 -cc boxer engine, which is considered one of the most reliable and versatile units of the late ’70s and early ‘80s. Engine works great as a cold and in the heat, easily withstanding temperatures of northern Germany or the heat of the Moroccan desert.

Kevin built a custom Azure commissioned Italian client. Technical task is to create a cafe racer BMW R80 with white and blue paint that resembles a car Shelby 1960s. At the same time the engine and the wheels painted black. Kevin set the anthers to protect forks and replaced the saddle and tail motorcycle, not to mention other small details.

If you’re in Rome, you will probably see custom Azure of Ducati motorcycles and scooters sets, which are extremely a lot on the streets of the Eternal City.

BMW Cafe Racer 'Azure' on stand

BMW Cafe Racer 'Azure' Photos

BMW Cafe Racer 'Azure' Pictures

BMW Cafe Racer 'Azure' right side images

BMW Cafe Racer 'Azure' upper side pics

BMW Cafe Racer 'Azure' wheel and silencers

BMW Cafe Racer 'Azure' closeup

BMW Cafe Racer 'Azure' head light

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