2 years ago

BSA 500 Black Motorcycle by Hazan Motorworks

BSA was the world’s largest motorcycles producer company. Now BSA 500 Black Motorcycle made by Hazan Motorworks. Max Hazan is not typical builder but here is BSA 500 Black Motorcycle that takes the art of two-wheels to the next leve.
love those old BSA motors – they look so streamlined, even today. The motor is the essence of this bike and I appreciate the way Hazan has made the motor the focal point and built everything else around it.

new bsa motorcycles

BSA Motorcycles

Birmingham Small Arms

BSA 500 Black

bsa motorcycle

 BSA 500 Motorcycle

bsa motorcycle

BSA 500 Black

max hazan bike

Hazan Motorworks

[photos by tumblr]

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