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Girl and Bobber EARACHE 1968 BSA A65
6 years ago

Bobber EARACHE 1968 BSA A65 Features and Photos

Bobber EARACHE 1968 BSA A65 Pictures

Joyner Lucas from the workshop “Factory Metal Works” is engaged in the construction of first-class old school Bobber. He specializes in vintage British motorcycles BSA, Triumph, etc. Custom Lucas can see the fine line between the present and the past. There are many examples do not need to show. Consider Bobber “Earache”, built on BSA A65 1968.

Bobber EARACHE 1968 BSA A65 Photos

Lucas took up the construction of this bike a few years ago. BSA A65 engine set up the frame of the British manufacturer, which experts TFMW produced for the first time. BSA motor works with two carburetors Amal 930. Lucas and his team also produced a chrome oil tank and chrome circuit protection. Tremendous amount of work, below you can see the details.

Bobber EARACHE 1968 BSA A65

• 1968 BSA A65 engine
• Two Amal carburettor 930
• frame style BSA
• 21-inch front wheel
• 18-inch rear wheel
• Fuel tank “peanut”
• Rear wing Barons Speed Shop
• Chrome oil tank TFMW
• Chrome circuit protection TFMW
• Drag-pipe style
• Springer
• Spring-old school seat, chrome bracket
• Narrow drag bar (steering wheel)
• Headlight Bates
• Custom footrests TFMW style BSA,
• Custom foot brake
• Black paint with white stripes

Girl and Bobber EARACHE 1968 BSA A65


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