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Wunderlich Caranguejeira
6 years ago

BMW K1200R: Wunderlich Caranguejeira

Wunderlich Caranguejeira

When K1200R was first introduced in 2006 it was considered as the most powerful naked bike in the word. Even though the K1200R was capable of producing 163 hp on tap there was someone who demand more from it. In order to meet the requirement of such folks a Netherlands-based designer Bart van den Bogaard was hired by the German tuner Wunderlich to do his best on the K1200R.

The changes include a new headlamp cluster, tapered aluminum bars, ZARD exhaust system, dual air inlets and carbon fiber rear seat. In order to improve breath of the engine the double air intake kit was fitted with a claimed 5bhp boost in power. Wunderlich Caranguejeira is the resulted bike named after a large Brazilian spider and looks really attractive. Check out!


BMW K1200R- Caranguejeira Wunderlich

BMW K1200R

Back side view

On stand

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