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Predator BMW F800R by Vilner
6 years ago

BMW F800 R Predator by Vilner Custom Bike

Predator BMW F800R by Vilner

Tuners at Bulgaria-base Vilner took up the challenges set by one wealthy Russian oligarch and transformed the BMW F 800 R into the Vilner Predator. The motorcycle received a complete aesthetic redesign with plenty of components. Rendered in carbon fiber composite and chrome, the bike looks even more aggressive than the original.

The project got started by a Russian businessman who was looking for a unique and exclusive motorbike to wow his buddies. It took 6 months for three Vilner specialists to develop the design, create the model, work out the details, finish and test their handmade work for the creation of Predator. Vilner have shortened the bike by 25 cm (roughly 10 inches) and turned into a single seater. They added red LED headlights, making the bike look like a pissed off wolf spider.  Its unique, handcrafted exhaust system also plays a big part in making this awesome machine.

BMW Predator on stand

BMW F800R Predator

BMW Predator

Vilner BMW F800R Predator


Predator Front view

Single Seat

Vilner Predator Custom

BMW F800R Predator back side view


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