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3 years ago

Best Small Electric Motorcycles for Kids

In the modern age kids are not behind from anything that elders are doing. They always demand for the same thing that their elders are using but just in their own size. So have selected some amazing electric motorcycles for kids to ride in the playing areas or the yards of their homes.

Razor MX Series

Razor MX series is one of the famous motorcycle series for the kids. They have some amazing dirt bikes for the kids to ride and all these small bikes are electric. They provide excellent safe riding in the streets and playing areas for kids.

MX 350

Razor MX 350
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First in the series we have MX 350. It possess 350 watt motor which use two batteries of 12V and a total of 24V. It can cover about 12 miles in one hour which is pretty good for a small ride like this and it is recommended for 12 years old kids for riding. It has a weight limit of 140 pounds which is good enough. The price of the ride is under $300.

MX 500

Razor MX500
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This Ride achieves 15 to 17 miles in an hour and has a more powerful motor of 500 watt inside it. It is also recommended for the 14 years old kids. It can bear the weight of 175 pounds which is pretty decent figure. It is coming in under $500.

MX 650

Razor MX 650
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This is a lot powerful electric bike than the previous two. It reaches up to 17 miles in an hour. It possess a 650 watt motor in its heart. It is one of the best bikes for teen agers and recommended for 16 years old. It can easily hold the weight of 220 pounds and is coming just more than $500.

The Electric Pocket Bike

The Electric Pocket Bike
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It is a small electric bike for the kids ranging from 8 to 9 years old and can achieve the speed up to 15 miles per hour which is pretty much for the kids. Its battery last only for 45 minutes which is less time for such a small bike and it needs 4 to 5 hours to get recharged. One good thing about this little bike is that it can also accommodate the adults who weigh less than 170 pounds.

The Miniature Euro

It is a razor electric scooter for kids. Good thing about this ride is that it comes plenty of colors and designs which is an important thing for little kids. It is good for 7 to 8 years old and can handle the weight of 170 pounds. In the heart it possess the power of 24V. This scooter comes in attractive stylish shape and provide good speed. It produces considerably low noise and has durable tires. But it has one downfall that it can be too speedy for the younger kids.

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