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4 years ago

Top 10 Best Dirt Bikes of All Time

The concept of dirt bike is very simple as the riders love to ride on an open stretch lands with high speeds. These bikes provide the exact same thing for stunt riders to experience the thrill of acceleration on an open field. With the right off road capabilities, dirt bikes can manage 100 mph speed with the experienced riders and good conditions. So, we come up with the list of top 10 dirt bikes of all time to give you an overview about these classic rides.

10- Honda CR 125 

Honda cr125 1986

Honda CR 125 is a classic piece that is used over the large period of time in different races and stunt shows. It is the right machine if you want a thrilling ride on an open land and sure does have a catchy look to impress and attract the rider.

9– Kawasaki KX250

kawaski kx250


Kwasaki is as always attractive when it comes to rough and tough bikes. It has a great powerful engine and used a lot in different dirt bike shows. This bike has come up with many modification over the last few years.

8- Yamaha YZ125

yamaha yz125

If we are talking about dirt bikes, how can we forget the Yamaha. Yamaha has produces the great rides for every type of grounds. This bike has a great sets of wheels to run through the rough lands, many riders prefer this bike for some obvious reasons.

7- Yamaha YZ250F

Yamaha YZ250F


With such inventions in the world of dirt bikes, Yamaha earns a lot of fame in the motorcycle industry. Among 95 lists of best bikes generated by MXA, Yamaha wins 39 times by securing the top positions. Last win by Yamaha was in year 2006.

6- Suzuki RM125

Suzuki RM125


How could we leave Suzuki out of the list? These bikes are actually plays the role of legend in the history of dirt bikes. This specific bike has a powerful engine with lots of capabilities for modifications. Comfortable seat and quality shock absorbents give great balance.

5- KTM 150SX


This 150 SX is a great ride with a strong four-stroke engine. This invention comes up with Magura hydraulic clutches while the other KTM bikes uses the Brembo clutches.

4- Honda CRF 450R

Honda CRF 450R

Of course Honda CRF 450R can beat any dirt bike in the race with the right rider controlling this wild machine. High speed recorded by this bike is 87 mph which proves that it is one of the fastest bikes.

3- ATK Intimidator

ATK Intimidator

ATM Intimidator has never left the contest of the fastest dirt bikes of the world. With its light weight of approximately 238 pounds and 620 or 700 fast engine, provides racers a great wins over the period of time. ATM has a clear edge over the fastest dirt bikes because of its right modifications. Recorded high speed of this ride in a race is 110 mph.

2- KTM 450 SX-F

KTM 450 SX-F

KTM has won a Motocross championship under a rider Ryan Dungey. Its high power 449 cc engine is a perfect combination with a total weight of 237 pounds. KTM has a class and it has produced a speed of 123 mph.

1-BMW 1200 GS Adventure

BMW 1200 GS Adventure


This 1200 GS Adventure is hard to ride because of its weight of 573 pounds but with the right rider it is a machine that can fly. Top speed recorded by this beauty is 125 mph. There are few bikes in the world that possesses the same kind of class this legend have.

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