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Beautiful Custom 56 Moto C50
5 years ago

Beautiful Custom 56 Moto C50

Beautiful Custom 56 Moto C50

Tom works in a small workshop “56 Motorcycles”, which is located in the heart of Paris. Recently he presented the photos of custom moped 56 Moto C50 that is his personal vehicle. Tom always admired small capacity of Honda mopeds and owned considerable amount of mini bikes, but always hated serial motorcycle, with a special passion for remaking, tuning and customizing.

Project details of 56 Moto C50:

Donor Honda C50: fairing removed, original seat, lighting and many other details
Frame: redone and repainted
Suspension, new rear shock
Engine: carburetor Keihin, filter zero resistance
A custom saddle
From the mountain bike wheel, adjusted the throttle stick
In light hot rod style
Original rear wing, shortened
Off-Road tires

Custom 56 Moto C50 Pictures

Custom 56 Moto C50 Saddle and back light

Custom 56 Moto C50 Upper side

Custom 56 Moto C50  Handle and seat

C50 Honda Logo

Custom 56 Moto C50 Front Light

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