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3 years ago

20+ Creative Bicycle Tattoo On Human Body

Bicycle tattoos are no different in their execution than any other tattoo but they are completely different in their design. Bicycle tattoos have an artistry to them that is unmatched and will certainly turn your body into a living walking work of art. To get an idea of the beauty of this style and to decide whether or not you want to get one,Here are more cool examples of bicycle tattoo for bicycle lovers.


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3 years ago

The 42 Best Custom Sport Bikes by DrivenByChaos

Find here the latest custom sport bikes by DrivenByChaos. DrivenByChaos always had a love for anything that’s custom, even as a kid. Some khids would pull wings off of flys, DrivenByChaos on the other hand would pull the wheels and other parts off my toy cars to try and alter their looks. Unfortunatley he wasnt blessed with great mechanical knowledge and he cant draw to save my life, so all the cool ideas that he have for cars and bikes that are floating around in my head are stuck there.

biggy bikes

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3 years ago

The 25 Most Creative Bike Sculpture All Around The World

Here’s some more amazing bike artwork and you can actually make it yours for a charitable donation!
We have collected more than 150 pictures stunning sculpture of bike art all around the world with hundreds of votes, and made the final list of the 25 most creative bike sculptures for you:)

3D sculptures

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3 years ago

Incredible Bikers World Art by David Mann

David “Dave” Mann was a California graphic artist whose paintings celebrated biker culture, and choppers. Called “the biker world’s artist-in-residence,”[5] his images are ubiquitous in biker clubhouses and garages, on motorcycle gas tanks, tattoos, and on T-shirts and other memorabilia associated with biker culture. Choppers have been built based on the bikes first imagined in a David Mann painting

In the words of an anthropologist studying biker culture in New Zealand, “Mann’s paintings set ‘outlaw’ Harley chopper motorcycles against surreal backgrounds, and distorted skylines, colourful images that celebrated the chopper motorcycle and the freedom of the open road. Many of his images captured the ‘Easyrider’ ethos – speed, the open road, long flowing hair – freedom.” Most of his works were for the motorcycle industry, especially for motorcycle magazines. Continue reading Incredible Bikers World Art by David Mann

3 years ago

The 12 Best Folding Bicycles Ever Manufactured

A folding bicycle is a bicycle designed to fold into a compact form, facilitating transport and storage. When folded, the bikes can be more easily carried into buildings and houses or on public transportation (facilitating mixed-mode commuting and bicycle commuting), and more easily stored in compact living quarters or aboard a car, boat or plane.

Folding mechanisms vary, with each offering a distinct combination of folding speed, folding ease, compactness, ride, weight, durability and price. Distinguished by the complexities of their folding mechanism, more demanding structural requirements, greater number of parts, and more specialized market appeal, folding bikes may be more expensive than comparable non-folding models. The choice of model, apart from cost considerations, is a matter of resolving the various practical requirements: a quick easy fold, compact folded size, or a faster but less compact model (wikipedia).


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3 years ago

The 10 All Time Best Harley-Davidson Sportster Motorcycles

The Sportster is a line of motorcycles produced continuously since 1957 by the Harley-Davidson Motor Company. Sportster models are designated in Harley-Davidson’s product code by beginning with “XL”. In 1952, the predecessors to the Sportster, the Model K Sport and Sport Solo motorcycles, were introduced. These models K, KK, KH, and KHK of 1952 to 1956 had a flat head engine, whereas the later XL Sportster models use an overhead valve engine. The first Sportster in 195 7 featured many of the same details of the KH including the frame, fenders, large gas tank and front suspension.

01 ) 1957 Harley-Davidson XL Sportster

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3 years ago

The Top 10 Best Worldwide Motorcycle Clubs

Here is a top ten list of best Motorcycle Clubs around the world.

10. Ulysses Club

The Ulysses Club is a club for motorcyclists over age 40 in Australia. A sibling organization of the same name exists in New Zealand.

The Ulysses Club was formed for motorcyclists aged 40 years and older at the instigation of Stephen Dearnley in Sydney, Australia in December 1983 in reply to a letter in the now defunct Bike Australia magazine, the editor being Peter “The Bear” Thoeming. The name Ulysses Club was the idea of Rob Hall, while the club’s motto of “Grow Old Disgracefully” was devised by his then-girlfriend Pat Lynch. Peter “The Bear” Thoeming sketched the “old man” logo that is still used by the club in its original hand-sketched form. (wikipedia)

Ulysses Club

09. Triumph Owners Motor Cycle Club

Triumph Owners Motor Cycle Club (TOMCC) is a motorcycle club for owners of Triumph Motorcycles based in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1949 in South London, the club has expanded nationally to a membership of more than 4,300 members. The club is open to owners of Triumph Motorcycles of all ages, including those built by the latest incarnation of the company, Triumph Motorcycles Ltd in Hinckley. The club is affiliated to the ACU, the British Motorcyclists Federation, and Motorcycle Action Group. Presently it has 42 regional branches spread throughout the UK. Members are also welcome from outside of Great Britain and are attached to the head office rather than any particular branch.

The club organizes social activities for members and publishes a monthly magazine called Nacelle which is dependent upon contributions from members and covers the whole spectrum of owning, riding and maintaining Triumph motorcycles from both eras. The club offers a number of services, including discovery of manufacture date for individuals who wish to apply for an age related vehicle registration plate. (wikipedia)

Triumph Owners Motor Cycle Club

08. The Royal British Legion Riders Branch

The Royal British Legion Riders Branch (RBLR), was formed in 2004 as a branch of The Royal British Legion, a registered charity that supports past and present members of the Armed Forces. While its membership is dominated by former and current HM Armed Forces personnel, it also welcomes members who support the aims of the Royal British Legion charity, namely of helping and assisting service people, ex-service people and their dependants.

The members are regularly seen at many motorcycle events wearing the distinctive rider’s badge. They have become synonymous with the repatriations of fallen service personnel at both Royal Wootton Bassett, where they met for the repatriation of the bodies of fallen service personnel who were flown into RAF Lyneham. and since 1 September 2011 at Carterton, Oxfordshire after repatriations were moved to RAF Brize Norton. Ex-military members of the RBLR often wear medals and head dress with their leathers and motorcycle kit.

The RBLR also organizes Poppy runs to raise both awareness and money for the Poppy Appeal. Its members also become involved in rides to places with special military resonance such as the Armed Forces Memorial in Staffordshire and European battle sites. (wikipedia)

The Royal British Legion Riders Branch

07. Rainbow Motorcycle Club

The Rainbow Motorcycle Club (sometimes abbreviated as the Rainbow MC or RMC) is a gay men’s motorcycle club based in San Francisco, California. The club was founded in San Francisco in 1971 by Ron Johnson, and Mario Pirami.[1] Some commentators have credited the RMC as being instrumental in the creation of the bear subculture among gay men during the 1980s and 1990s. (wikipedia)

Rainbow Motorcycle Club

06. Patriot Guard Riders

The Patriot Guard Riders (PGR) is an organization based in the United States whose members attend the funerals of members of the U.S. military, firefighters, and police at the invitation of a decedent’s family.

The group forms an honor guard at military burials, helps protect mourners from harassment and fills out the ranks at burials of indigent and homeless veterans. In addition to attending funerals, the group also greets troops returning from overseas at homecoming celebrations and performs volunteer work for veteran’s organizations such as Veterans Homes.

The organization is open to any persons, regardless of political affiliation, veteran status, or whether or not they ride motorcycles, as long as they have “a deep respect for those who serve our country”. (wikipedia)

Patriot Guard Riders

05.Harley Owners Group

The Harley Owners Group (HOG) is a sponsored community marketing club, operated by Harley-Davidson for enthusiasts of that brand’s motorcycles. The HOG is “the grandaddy of all community-building efforts,” serving to promote not just a consumer product, but a lifestyle. The HOG has also served to open new revenue streams for the company, with the production of tie-in merchandise offered to club members, numbering over one million strong, making it the largest factory-sponsored riding club in the world. The Harley-Davidson community was the prototype for the ethnographic term subculture of consumption, defined as “a distinctive subgroup of society that self-selects on the basis of a shared commitment to a particular product class, brand, or consumption activity.”

The Harley Owners Group was created in 1983 as a way to build longer-lasting and stronger relationships with Harley-Davidson’s customers, by making ties between the company, its employees, and consumers. HOG members typically spend 30% more than other Harley owners, on such items as clothing and Harley-Davidson-sponsored events. Much of the intent of this branding effort is presenting Harley-Davidson as an American icon, with the focus on authenticity and pride in being American-made. All of this is credited with turning flagging sales around, and allowing the Harley-Davidson company to grow again. (wikipedia)

Harley Owners Group

04. Holy Riders

Holy Riders (HR) is a Norwegian Christian motorcycle club founded in 1981. It has pr. 2008 approximately 500 members in 17 branches in Norway and is thus one of the largest motorcycle clubs in Norway. The club also has branches in Germany and Sweden. The club’s goal is to spread the gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection to everyone in the motorcycle community. The club is alcohol free and is open to all regardless of age, gender, or religious affiliation. The type Motorcycles members drive everything from American veteran motorcycles through Harley Davidson to Japanese bikes. (wikipedia)

Holy Riders

03. Bikers for Christ

Bikers For Christ, or BFC is a Christian ministry for motorcyclists founded in 1990 by Pastor Fred Zariczny (A.K.A. “Pastor Z”), who pastors Rushing Wind Ministries in Oceanside, California, the associated church under which the organization operates. Bikers for Christ was originally a ministry of Calvary Chapel in Marysville, California. There are currently hundreds of chapters with thousands of members worldwide.

Paul Crouch Jr. with the Trinity Broadcasting Network has recognized BFC as one of the largest Christian motorcycle ministries in the world. In a 2010 radio interview with Christian metal radio program The Full Armor of God Broadcast, Zariczny mentions that BFC has Chapters in Belgium, Lithuania and Sweden. BFC sponsors several motorcycle events to raise money for the handicapped, underprivileged and disabled. BFC also sponsors events to honor Vietnam Veterans where a 370-foot (110 m) mini replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall is displayed publicly. Pastor Fred is also known for his Christian tattoos after having the BFC membership patch logo tattooed on his back by Kim Saigh on LA Ink. (wikipedia)

Bikers for Christ

02. Association of Recovering Motorcyclists

The Association of Recovering Motorcyclists (ARM) is an independent motorcycle association, founded in 1986 by Judy and Jack Jensen. The association currently has chapters in the United States, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, England, New Zealand, Norway and Thailand. The group grew quickly in the 1980s, partly attributed to not being organized along the lines of an outlaw motorcycle club, according to Judy Jensen, such as by having the word “Independent” rather than “MC” (motorcycle club) under the ARM logo, avoiding conflict over territory or membership that would have discouraged members from joining.[1] Another aspect is that members receive support from their motorcycling peers and can continue in the biker lifestyle, rather than be asked to cut their hair, give up their leathers and sell their motorcycle, as Jensen said Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) counselors had, in the past, asked of members.Judy Jensen has also officiated at weddings, where she read from a Harley-Davidson owners manual on the “importance of a good union between the oil pump and the seal, and baptized the couple with a dab of motor oil.

Members must meet certain standards of abstinence from drugs and alcohol in order to gain and retain membership status, and must own and maintain a motorcycle of 500 cc or greater. Members are encouraged to be part of a 12-step program. (wikipedia)

Association of Recovering Motorcyclists

01. 59 Club

The 59 Club, also written as The Fifty Nine Club and known as ‘the 9’, is a British motorcycle club with members distributed internationally.

The 59 Club started as a Church of England-based youth club founded in Hackney Wick on 2 April 1959, in the East End of London, then an underprivileged area suffering post-war deprivations.

In 1962 a motorcycle section was established, meeting once a week on Saturday evenings at Eton Mission where there was ample parking and a large hall with table tennis, billiards, a juke box and a coffee bar. Motor Cycle staff writer Mike Evans in 1963 reported: “Ably managed by the Rev. Bill Shergold, the club is affectionately known by London riders as ‘The Vic’s Caff’!”.

It was notable for its adoption by the British motorcycling subculture known as ‘rockers’, initially in the London area during the mid-1960s, its badge taking on an iconic value. (wikipedia)

59 Club

3 years ago

Artist Creates Motorcycles Out of Watch Parts To Blow Your Mind

Dmitriy Khristenko, a USA-based ukrainian-born artist, creates miniature replicas of motorcycles and other vehicles (such as quad bikes, tricycles and bicycles), all built entirely from recycled wristwatch parts. The wristbands are circled into tires while the glass of each timepiece face becomes the windshield of these model-sized vehicles. After khristenko disassembles each watch to begin the construction of one of his sculptures, he organizes and pairs components from various timepieces to combine them in one single structure. The artist binds the recycled watch parts together with glue to create a remarkably intricate finished work.

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3 years ago

The 15 Best Pictures of Harley Davidson Fat Boy

Designed by Willie.G. himself, the original Fat Boy only came in grey. Fenders, fuel tank, oil tank and even the frame were all painted the same color. A thin yellow trim was applied around the rocker covers, ignition switch, primary inspection plate cover, timing cover and within the winged tank emblem. The 1990 machine also came with revolutionary cool touches never seen before on a factory bike. Things like; disc wheels, shotgun style exhaust, FLH style handlebars, new fenders and a hand laced leather seat and tank panel.

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3 years ago

23 Incredible Portraits of Bikers

Epaillard + Machado are professionals photographers, working as a team mainly in architecture and portrait photography. These portraits of bikers were captured at the Moto Clube Faro meeting in south Portugal. This motorcycle meeting is one of the biggest in the world with about 50000 bikers involved certain years. It was created in 1982.

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3 years ago

15 Absolutely Insane Bike Modifications Of All Time

Motorcycles have always captured the attention of potential riders, but with different mods and creations, they also attract those who have never even been on one. In this great collection we gathered 15 Motorcycle mods that may not necessarily be street legal but are so cool that it doesn’t really matter.

A dumb shark bike
A dumb shark bike

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3 years ago

The 12 Epic Cycling Fail GIFs

Its reality that not every day goes same as our plans and expectations. But to these people today is probably the worst day of their life. They fail cycling and fail it ridiculously.

1. Probably The Worst Day Of Her Life

This Bike BMX Water Landing

2. This Cyclist Who Tried To Be a Show Off

Bike How Not to

3. This Epic Bike Fail Log

This Bike Fail Log

4. This Bike Flip Fail

This Bike Flip Fail

5. This Bike Kid Guard Rail Fail

This Bike Kid Guard Rail

6. Who is responsible? Mom or Kid?

This Bike Kid Pole

7. This Bike Lane Rider

This Bike Lane Rider

8. This Ridiculous Start Push

This Bike Push Start

9. Things Went Totally Against The Plan

this cyclist

10. This Show Off Cyclist Gets Karma

This Cyclist Running It With No Hands

11. This Unexpected Accident

This unexpected accident

12. This Epic Face-plant

this kid

GIFs source: tumblr, 4gifs and gifbin.