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Production Motorcycles
5 years ago

2013 Honda Motorcycle Models

Gold Wing

The world’s first motorcycle airbag “Gold Wing” has been the ultimate motorcycle for two-up long-distance travel. New Light Silver Metallic and Gray Metallic join Ultra Blue Metallic and Candy Red colors for 2013. MSRP: $23,990-$29,550.

2013 Honda Gold Wing

In this post, we revealed the list of 2013 Honda models for bike lovers. Each bike with their own unique and distinctly different cruiser persona to meet rider demands for style and preferences like the Aero, Phantom, RS and Spirit. They can choose between the Sabre, Stateline, Interstate or the radical Fury, when these move up to a large-displacement V-twin. The Rebel 250, which has been a favourite among new riders for 27 years along with dual-sport XR650L and the CBR250R also return for 2013. And the most certainly the 2013 Gold Wing with the world’s first motorcycle airbag. Continue reading 2013 Honda Motorcycle Models

Custom Motorcycles
5 years ago


custom-ducati-motorbike- 1

This heavily customised version of the ST2 looks like a totally different animal, the original bike was a sport tourer but this Radical Ducati version is a track based monster capable of teaching even new, production bikes a few tricks around the track. This bike started life as a stock Ducati ST2, the ST2 was built between ’97 and ’03 and had a 944cc L-twin cylinder engine, a 6 speed transmission, a tubular trellis frame and a weight of 212kgs. Click the link here to visit Radical Ducati.  Continue reading DUCATI ST2 CUSTOM BY RADICAL DUCATI

5 years ago

Affordable Motorcycle Jackets Buyers Guide

Aerostich Darien Light

Men’s sizes 36-54.

web-aerostich 1

Here we compiled a list of affordable jackets from these various motorcycle apparel companies. You can afford personally, the price points range from about $100 to more than $400. Each jacket breathed well enough that it did not become clammy and most of these jackets have a lining or liner that the manufacturer claims is both breathable and waterproof. If you already have a jacket for cold weather, you may wish to select one with a mesh lining and body for hot weather. That may well suit your particular needs, but will not likely prove versatile for overall riding. Continue reading Affordable Motorcycle Jackets Buyers Guide

Racing Motorcycles
5 years ago



Chad Goings, owner of Goings Moto chosen as Honda CB550 to build, which is easily one of the most “cafe-able” vintage motorcycles in the world. This bike is Chad’s first foray into building cafe racers with his own two hands after doing an internship at Radical Ducati in Madrid.

With a pre-fitted Benjies Cafe Racer tank and seat bike arrived in the workshop, Chad added a custom, curved sub-frame and an eye-catching alternator cover that has been CNC milled to bear the CG logo and decided to keep them in place and develop the bike around. Let’s find out the photos of this bike given below. Continue reading CAFE RACER BY GOINGS MOTO

5 years ago



This bike is also Suzuki T500 powered and was built by Seeley in 1972. It’d easily be capable of embarrassing many much more modern machines and it was only ridden for – 100 miles before being drained and stored by the owner until 2011. Colin Seeley is also one of best chassis engineers with his most famous design like Suzuki T500 motorcycle. Colin built this Suzuki T500 for Barry Sheene in 1971. Sheene declared it the best-handling motorcycle he had ever ridden”. This 1973 Seeley-Suzuki 500cc 2-stroke sold at auction on the 10th of this month for just $14,950 USD. Continue reading 1973 SEELEY-SUZUKI T500

Custom Motorcycles
6 years ago



This new turned, 1954 BMW Rennsport RS54 is one of remarkable new two- wheelers and first racing motorcycle designs to come out of Germany in the post-war period. The front suspension was made under license from the Englishman Ernie Earles, most advanced available design at the time and the BMW Rennsport RS54 was a 130kg (286lb) DOHC racing machine that produced 45hp from its boxer-twin. Continue reading 1954 BMW RENNSPORT RS54

BikeGlam News
6 years ago

Dirt Track Heroes Exhibit to Open at National Motorcycle Museum in May 2013


The National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa, will tell the Dirt Track Heroes story in an in depth special exhibit opening later this year. Dirt track is no doubt, the most all-American form of motorcycle racing. A century ago, born on horse racing tracks, man and machine still duel it out to this day for the podium finish. But winning the GNC called for extreme talent from 1954 to 1985. When riders had to be masters of the Mile, these were the glory days. They earn road racing points to lock up the Grand National Championship at the short track and TT . Continue reading Dirt Track Heroes Exhibit to Open at National Motorcycle Museum in May 2013

Custom Motorcycles
6 years ago



This stunning Honda CB750 was presented to the public for the first time at the Barber Vintage Festival last week, collaboration between Dime City Cycles and Iron & Air Magazine. Keihin CR racing carburettors, a custom DCC/Cone Engineering performance tuned 4-into-1 exhaust, a Legendary Motorcycle Thruxton seat, a Legendary Motorcycles Manx fuel tank, Avon Road Rider tires, DCC Original “Speed” handlebars, the team at DCC peformed a full, nut and bolt rebuild on the engine, tweaked the frame, added Progressive suspension to the front and back, paint work by Moe Colours, professional polishing by Henry Canup’s Custom Metal Polishing, a 7-way adjustable steering damper, 2.5″ mini gauges, Nissin controls and many more. Check out the photos and drop your words in comments box.





BikeGlam News
6 years ago

Indonesian Town to Make Female Passengers Ride Sidesaddle

 Motorcycle laws

New legislation put forward, “ban women from straddling motorcycles when riding pillion behind a male rider” by Lawmakers in a town in Indonesia. Women will still be allowed to straddle a motorcycle when she is the operator, in Lhokseumawe city; while they will have to ride sidesaddle. Officials say the new law will protect women from provoking male riders with their body positioning. A predominantly Muslim region “Lhokseumawe” is a town in Aceh, has been implementing strict Sharia law in recently years.

“Women sitting on motorbikes must not sit astride because it will provoke the male driver. It’s also to protect women from an undesirable condition,” Mayor Suaidi Yahya told AFP. “It’s improper for women to sit astride. We implement Islamic law here.”

Representatives from women’s groups are understandably against the new laws.

“We, the women of Lhokseumawe, strongly oppose this very discriminative regulation because it ignores the rights of women in conducting their daily activities,” says Safwani, the executive director of Ranup Women Institute tells the Jakarta Globe.

Including garbage disposal and stopping livestock from walking around uncontrolled on city streets, the mayor should be focused on much more urgent matters; Says Safwani.

“When you think of it, the cleanliness of the city is also in line with Islamic Shariah,” Safwani says.

6 years ago


Black Gray

Bike lovers would like this “Black+Gray’s CamSure Tie-Down Straps” a unique clamping knob. If you want to loaded the bike in truck or ready to roll, then this Black+Gray’s CamSure Tie-Down Straps provide the security of a ratchet strap without complex mechanisms that eventually fail. 5-inch-wide x 5.5-feet-long nylon straps and the powdercoated gated latch hooks are tested and load rated at both at both 45- and 180-degree angles. The price of this Black+Gray’s CamSure is $48.95 and manufactured in the U.S. For more information:

BikeGlam News, Gear
6 years ago

High-Tech Motorcycle Gadget Buyers Guide


 In this post, I am going to reveal some niftiest gadgets for the addicted gear geeks among you. Today, many motorcyclists like Inspector Gadget and widget to fight against inconvenience, discomfort and weather. More and more of today’s bikes have heated grips/seats, iPod integration, tire pressure monitors and more. Now industries have to lead growth in the number of high-tech gadgets for motorcyclists. Let’s check out the some amazing gadgets given below. Continue reading High-Tech Motorcycle Gadget Buyers Guide

BikeGlam News, General
6 years ago

How to Ride Off-Road Motorcycles (Book Review)


Gary LaPlante, owner of MotoVentures Training, Tour, and Trials services in Anza, California, has written a new book titled: How to Ride Off-Road Motorcycles. In this book, LaPlante shares his 43-plus years of riding, racing, testing and working on motorcycles, with present information in a clear manner that is easy to understand. This book will be helpful, if you’re buying your first bike or making the transition from recreational riding to competition. This book is available all major bookstore chains and retails for $27.99. Continue reading How to Ride Off-Road Motorcycles (Book Review)

BikeGlam News, Classic Motorcycles
6 years ago

Vintage Motorcycles at the Audi Museum


Many motorcyclists scratched their head in confusion, when German car manufacturer Audi purchased Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati last April. Its other high-profile Italian holding, Audi doesn’t micromanage Lamborghini. In July, Audi CEO made a promise, “Ladies and gentlemen…you have my guarantee: Ducati remains Ducati.”

The motorcycles are part of the museum’s permanent collection. You will be surprised to know that numerous motorcycles spanning more than 100 years of production history. In 1899, August Horch established an automobile company by the name of Horch & Cie. But Horch was ousted by the supervisory board after ten years. Then he launched his separate company called Audi (Audi means “to listen” in Latin and Horch means “hear” in German). Audi merged with Horch, DKW and Wanderer, forming Auto Union, in the early 1930s. DKW and Wanderer were two German manufacturers of both automobiles and motorcycles. Continue reading Vintage Motorcycles at the Audi Museum