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Amazing Custom Motorcycle Kawasaki 250TR
5 years ago

Amazing Custom Motorcycle Kawasaki 250TR

Amazing Custom Motorcycle Kawasaki 250TR

Japanese customizer Hiro and his team of “Motor Garage Goods” altered motorcycle Kawasaki 250TR in elegant custom. Of course, a small enduro Kawasaki 250TR is a great contribution to this kind of project, and so many Japanese customizers prefer to work with these bikes.

Kawasaki 250TR is a dual-purpose bike, which you can ride on public roads. The bike is sold in Japan and some other Asian countries. The first Kawasaki 250TR was released in 1970. Motorcycle stand out simple and elegant design, along with a robust bundle. It is equipped with a 249 -cc 4-stroke 2- valve engine with a single overhead camshaft.

MGG guys were founded entirely stock Kawasaki 250TR. For a start they took the motorcycle to get to the frame. They are slightly altered it for the installation of a new seat. At the same time the engine the Japanese decided not to touch. The only change was the exhaust pipe and wrapped thermal tape.

Other Details of Custom Kawasaki 250TR:

Fuel tank Banana, painted in blue color with golden stripes installed Classic logos Kawasaki
Customize rear wing
Suspension G-suspension 265
Vintage steering wheel, knob Jack Hummer
Old-school miniature light + Turn Signals
Mirror at the wheel
Firestone tires

Custom Kawasaki 250TR Images

Custom Kawasaki 250TR Mirror and startup button

Custom Kawasaki 250TR Photos

Custom Kawasaki 250TR Pictures

Custom Kawasaki 250TR Seat

Left Side Pictures of Custom Kawasaki 250TR

Custom Kawasaki 250TR Back Light

Custom Kawasaki 250TR Front Light

Custom Kawasaki 250TR Fuel Tank and Handle

Custom Kawasaki 250TR Fuel Tank

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