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AC Sanctuary Katana Pictures
5 years ago

AC Sanctuary Katana

AC Sanctuary Katana Pictures

Suzuki Katana was launched in 1980 and at that time it had great charms. Everyone liked it and wanted to buy it. It is always said that the cycle of fashion takes 40 years so maybe such type of bikes are going to be in the fashion again.

The bike was made by Target Design in Bavaria. It was ordered by the marketing manager of the company, Suzuki. He ordered it for Germany.

AC Sanctuary Katana Front View

Now the original bike has been modified and it has been reinforced. The engine of the bike is now blue in color and it is of Keihin FCR carburetor. The exit path of the gases has been made of Nitro Racing system and for the sake of enhancement of its power titanium mufflers have also been used with it. It is used to keep the temperature of the bike normal. This will also make the bike run for longer period of time.

The bike has the wheels of 17 inches and are of Oz Racing. These wheels are fitted with Pirelli Diablo rubber. The suspension is of Yamaha XJR1300. They brakes are also very advanced and they are taken from Brembo along with Nissin and Sunstar.

AC Sanctuary Katana Meter and handle

The performance of the bike is amazing. It runs really fast and smooth. The modification has given an extra charm to the original Katana.

AC Sanctuary Katana Back Images

AC Sanctuary Katana Side Pictures

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