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Model with Custom Motorcycle Shovelhead
5 years ago

A Shovelhead Rebuilt By A Pro Custom Motorcycle Mechanic

Model with Custom Motorcycle Shovelhead

You can be found very interesting rules in the German studio “Thunderbike”. Recently,  motorcycle mechanic Udo customized the Shovelhead and he writes that being customizer in professional workshop, one cannot use the equipment and tools to work on my own, because in the studio working on orders is non-stop. Thus, Udo had to work on his motorcycle Shovelhead in his garage.

Udo has 1978 HD FLH motorcycle for a long time and is not going to part with it, so redid the bike to freshen it up a bit. Based on his ideas Udo chose drag style. In this regard, he has increased the engine capacity from 1340 cm3 to 1600 cm3, set a new crankshaft Sidewinder, Andrews cam and oil pump S & S. Udo also replaced the ignition, set the carburetor Dell’Orto and 4-speed transmission Rotary.

Custom Motorcycle Shovelhead Photos

Externally motorcycle also changed, became more athletic and aggressive.

Beautiful Model Standing with Custom Motorcycle Shovelhead

Custom Motorcycle Shovelhead Fuel Tank

Engine of Custom Motorcycle Shovelhead

Hot Model Advertising Custom Motorcycle Shovelhead

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