A New Concept Helmet C-Through
4 years ago

A New Concept Helmet C-Through for Bikers

A New Concept Helmet C-Through

C-Through is a new concept biker’s helmet specially made for the rainy weather. It is developed by different designers of yankodesign. The essence of the project was to increase comfort when driving in rainy conditions, as well as improving ventilation. The guys have done a really interesting job, although it does not take into account the safety aspects. Their helmet will never get certified ECE or any other.

In general, the designers claim that they were able to optimize the heat and ventilation to prevent moisture from entering the helmet, as well as get rid of the fog. Problems solved additional visor, while the rear extractors made by “Gore Tex”. Safety is the big questions, but there are no problems with moisture.

In general, it is worth noting that the integrals pretty good comfort – especially those who have Pin-lock (good technological solution). On the other hand, not all helmets are Pinlock-ready and drilling holes in the visor. For example, to slightly open the visor, but the rain can fly into inside to discomfort you.

Concept Helmet C-Through Photos

Concept Helmet C-Through Pictures

C-Through Helmet Concept

C-Through Helmet Concept Details Image

C-Through Helmet Concept Features

C-Through Helmet Concept sketch

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