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ZecOO electric bike
7 years ago

ZecOO Electric Motorcycle from Japan

ZecOO electric bike

Japanese design firm Znug has come forward with a stunningly designed electric bike, called the zecOO. The Znug ZecOO electric motorbike is an amazing mode of transportation to look at, sporting a sleek, aggressive and completely unconventional design. It took Nezu and his team a mere six months to transform the concept into a prototype.

The zecOO has a range  between 88 and 136 km (55 to 85 miles), with a top speed of 120 kph (75 mph), which is pretty good. The bike’s front utilizes a central hub system instead of the more standard fork steering, sitting on cantilevered shock absorbers driven by a rear wheel belt. The purpose behind this project was to create a bike that is not only reliable technically but also one that takes into account the power of design. Check out!

ZecOO electric bike on stand

Zecoo Electric Motorcycle from Japan

zecOO electric scooter prototype

ZecOO electric bike parts

Znug Design zecOO Electric bike

ZecOO electric bike wheel belt


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