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Zaeta 530 DT
7 years ago

Zaeta 530 DT Motorcycle

Zaeta 530 DT

The limited production Zaeta 530 DT may be the most exciting bike from Italy. Powered by a TM 530cc motocross engine, with six speeds, a slipper clutch and a healthy 60 horsepower, the Zaeta is nimble and fast, weighing just around 115kg (250lbs).

The latest design features an aluminum frame (almost seven pounds lighter than the previous tube design), with an improved rear suspension geometry. The Zaeta standard equipped with a floating disc 320 mm, which acts on a piston calliper of Brembo. The quality of construction is obvious from these latest images, take a look!!

zaeta motorcycle on stand

zaeta motorcycle engine

Zaeta 530 DT tire

Zaeta 530 DT Motorcycle parts

Zaeta 530 DT in action

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