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yamaha srv250 custom
2 years ago

Yamaha SRV250 Cafe Racer Review

The Yamaha SRV250 was a “Retro Theme” bike created by Yamaha in 1992 to 1996 to pay homage to the retro Cafe Racers and retro bikes in general of the 1960s and 1970s. The Yamaha SR250 was already on sale but lacked power and finesse and looked a little ordinary.
There are two versions of the SRV250.. The Classic style and the trimmed down Renaissa
The Classic has a mounted Tacho and Speedo, streched Cafe Racer tank and comes in British Racing Green, Maroon and Navy Blue
The Renaissia has no Tacho, just a speedo, smaller Cafe Racer tank, Cafe Racer style handlebars and a more Cafe Racer style single/double seat combo. Orange, Silver, White and Red are the colours I’ve seen the bike in. This model came after 1994 at a cheaper price as the Classic was considered to expensive at the time for most people to warrant buying.

yamaha srv250 specs

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