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35th Anniversary Edition SR400 Photos
6 years ago

Yamaha Produces 35th Anniversary Edition SR400 2013 for Japan

35th Anniversary Edition SR400 Photos

In 2013, Yamaha celebrates 35th anniversary production of motorcycles SR-series and in honor of this event produced a special model for the Japanese market. Motorcycle will be produced in a limited numbers. The color of new edition is green metallic having special signs. Besides Yamaha went to a curious gesture, reducing the price of the Yamaha SR400 35th Anniversary Edition, which is the anniversary bike, will be cheaper than the base model.

Yamaha SR500 first motorcycle appeared in 1978 as a road counterpart Yamaha XT500. The bike came with a 499-cc single-cylinder engine and is classified as low-cost bikes. Initially, SR-Series motorcycles sold in many countries, but in recent years the company produces Yamaha SR400 to Japan.

35th Anniversary Edition SR400

The older model Yamaha SR400 released until 2008, but in 2010, Yamaha released a new SR400 with an injector, which replaced the carburetor used on older models. Despite the injector, Yamaha SR400 was simple and reliable motorcycle. Modern models are equipped with 399-cc engine 30 hp at 7500 r / min and torque of 31 Nm at 6250 r / min. Yamaha SR400 weighs 174 kg and consumes about 2.5 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. Jubilee motorcycle Yamaha SR400 35th Anniversary Edition will be sold in Japan at a price of 510,000 yen ($ 5,750), while the base model costs 550,000 yen (6200 $).
Planned Production is 1000 units from February 14 to August 31.

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