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8 years ago

Yamaha Maxam 3000 Concept Scooter Motorbike

Left side view of yamaha maxam 3000

Yamaha Maxam 3000 is a concept that makes Yamaha motor. This motor design is unique, luxurious and elegant. The MAXAM 3000 is Yamaha’s scooter concept, and it’s big, the 3000 is 3000mm in length, that’s 118 inches, almost 10 feet long! Building on the MAXAM’s low & long body design, this model boasts a completely new pick-up styling that includes focus on important things like storage space in its under-seat compartment. It looks like it’s designed to be a 2 wheeled pickup truck!

Yamaha MAXAM 3000

Front side view of Yamaha MAXAM 3000

 Yamaha MAXAM 3000 standing in show room

 Yamaha MAXAM 3000 back storage space

 Yamaha MAXAM 3000 Front side Handle

yamaha maxam 3000 handlebars

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