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2 years ago

World’s Best Harley-Davidson Custom Motorcycles

Harley-Davidson is the iconic American motorcycle manufacturer. Founded out of a small shed in 1903 by William S. Harley and brothers Arthur and Walter Davidson in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Motor Company produces traditional cruiser motorcycles utilizing air-cooled V-Twin engines.
When Harley and Davidson produced and sold their first motorcycle in 1903, they were one of many small motorcycle marques springing up across the country. Flash forward more than a century and the Harley-Davidson brand is so rooted in American culture that the history of the company intertwines with the history of America itself.
Harley-Davidson has also been working hard to improve the riding quality of its touring bikes. In 2009, it did away with the stamped and welded single-piece frame that anchored Harley touring motorcycles for the last 30 years and replaced it with a cast, single-spar, rigid-backbone frame. It also went with a wider, longer swingarm. H-D also introduced a new three-wheel motorcycle called the Tri Glide that has the classic styling and popular touring features of its best-selling Ultra Classic Electra Glide.

My personal opinion is the best motorcycle is the best one for the RIDER.  I have always had a Harley, and I doubt I would ever switch to another brand, but that’s just personal preference. I don’t feel the need to ride at 150 or 200 mph, so sport bikes don’t interest me much. I like to look at them, and I thoroughly enjoy an expert rider demonstrating their capabilities, but beyond that they just aren’t something I would consider riding. Does that make my Harley better than those bikes? Of course not.  Just better for ME. I ride with many groups, and most of the bikes in these groups are a mix of brands, styles, and functions. I don’t care if you prefer a Goldwing over a Harley as long as you don’t mind that I prefer my Harley.  Riding is riding, and it’s about the brotherhood, the sense of community, and the open road for me.  It’s not about what brand people ride.

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