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6 years ago

Vintage Motorcycles at the Audi Museum


Many motorcyclists scratched their head in confusion, when German car manufacturer Audi purchased Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati last April. Its other high-profile Italian holding, Audi doesn’t micromanage Lamborghini. In July, Audi CEO made a promise, “Ladies and gentlemen…you have my guarantee: Ducati remains Ducati.”

The motorcycles are part of the museum’s permanent collection. You will be surprised to know that numerous motorcycles spanning more than 100 years of production history. In 1899, August Horch established an automobile company by the name of Horch & Cie. But Horch was ousted by the supervisory board after ten years. Then he launched his separate company called Audi (Audi means “to listen” in Latin and Horch means “hear” in German). Audi merged with Horch, DKW and Wanderer, forming Auto Union, in the early 1930s. DKW and Wanderer were two German manufacturers of both automobiles and motorcycles.

The company also merged with NSU, another German automobile and motorcycle manufacturer in 1969. Audi became established as a worldwide brand during the 1970s and early 1980s. Motorized two-wheelers have been an important part of the company’s varied history, but motorcycles have never been manufactured under the Audi brand, nor are to be in future. There aren’t yet any Ducatis at the Audi Museum, but they will fit right in.

1914 Wanderer 2 PS (1-cylinder, 4-stroke, 251cc)


1921 Farrad with DKW Hilfsmotor (1-cylinder, 2-stroke, 118cc)


1927 DKW E 206 (1-cylinder, 2-stroke, 206cc)


1929 DKW Volksrad ES 200 (1-cylinder, 2-stroke, 198cc)


1929 DKW ZSW 500 (2-cylinder, 2-stroke, 494cc)


1929 Wanderer K 500 (1-cylinder, 4-stroke, 498cc)


1936 DKW SB 200 A 2 Series (1-cylinder, 2-stroke, 192cc)


 1936 DKW SB 500 2 Series (2-cylinder, 2-stroke, 494cc)


1938 DKW RT 3 PS (1-cylinder, 2-stroke, 98cc)


1939 DKW NZ 350 (1-cylinder, 2-stroke, 346cc)


1939 DKW SS 350 (2-cylinder, 2-stroke, 350cc)


1945 DKW NZ 350/1 (1-cylinder, 2-stroke, 346cc)

 1945 DKW NZ 350

1950 DKW RT 125 W (1-cylinder, 2-stroke, 123cc)


1952 DKW RT 250 H (1-cylinder, 2-stroke, 244cc)


1952 DKW RT 350 S with Binder sidecar (2-cylinder, 2-stroke, 348cc)


1953 DKW 350 RM “Singende Sage” (3-cylinder, 2-stroke, 350cc)


1956 DKW RT 175/125 Gelandesport (1-cylinder, 2-stroke, 123cc)


1957 DKW RT 175 VS (1-cylinder, 2-stroke, 174cc)


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