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Valentino Rossi
7 years ago

Valentino Rossi – The Most Popular Rider in Social Networks

Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi is a 33 years old Italian professional motorcycle racer and MotoGP World Champion. He has failed the last two season but the fans still love him and are interested in life of a beloved motorcycle racer. For example, the seven-time champion MotoGP Twitter is the most popular among all the stars, cars and motorsports.

Valentino Rossi with Bike

Valentino Rossi’s popularity is directly displayed in the number of followers on social networks. Recently, this option is more often used to describe the popularity of any famous person. Tweet Valentino Rossi has collected more than 1.5 million fans, which is two times more than the current MotoGP World Champion Jorge Lorenzo, which has only 650,000 subscribers. It should be noted that Rossi registered on Twitter just 13 months ago, but has already surpassed all. He even beat Fernando Alonso, who has 1.4 million subscribers, and Britons Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton. It is another small victory for Italian

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