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v12 powered honda cbx
7 years ago

V12-Powered Honda CBX by Andreas Georgeades

v12 powered honda cbx

Andreas Georgeades is a former motorcycle racer from South Africa. He also raced and won in Canada with a bike powered by a Honda 600 auto engine. Starting out as a racer but quickly becoming a builder with some very amazing and creative skills. So he started out with two six-cylinder CBX engines, welding them together to create a 2,000cc V12.

Andreas is no stranger to creating such monstrous bikes, he already has created three Ferrari engine motorcycles, two of which have V6 engines and one has a V8. He’s obviously not hesitant to attempt whatever he sets his mind to. Check out the images about Honda CBX V12 by Andreas Georgeades below:

Honda CBX V12

Honda CBX V12 in the workshop

v12 powered honda cbx on stand

CBX V12 block

Andreas Georgeades on his Honda CBX V12

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