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7 years ago

Twin Jet Engine Harley Davidson Board Track Is Insane

A red color motorbike of Twin-pulse jet engine is standing for your inspiration

Adrenaline junkies, this one is for you! The awesome motorcycle that you see in the pictures below is the world’s first bike with twin-pulse jet engine.

It was built by Robert Maddox for a daredevil customer who wanted to experience 200 mph on two wheels. For some reason however, the deadly bike is now on eBay Motors with a very good price: “only” $25,000.

Big silencers has been used in motorbike of Twin-pulse jet engine is standing

If hopping on a motorcycle isn’t thrilling or deadly enough for you anymore, you may want to point your browser toward eBay Motors. The world’s first and only twin-pulse-jet-engine motorcycle is officially up for auction.

The seller assures all potential customers that the bike is dangerously fast and rides straight. Let us know if you manage to get your hands on it!

Beautiful Tires and back side of Twin pulse jet engine

Side View of  Twin pulse jet engine

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