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BMW R1200GS Adventure 2014 Pictures
5 years ago

Travel Enduro BMW R1200GS Adventure 2014

BMW R1200GS Adventure 2014 Pictures

BMW introduced a new model of tourism enduro BMW R1200GS Adventure 2014, which is specially designed for off-road than the standard model.

The new bike is equipped with a slightly upgraded 1170 cc boxer engine with liquid cooling, which is mounted on the base model since the beginning of 2013. Bavarian engineers thoroughly worked over a motorcycle, making some serious technical change: a heavier flywheel (950 grams), 30 – liter fuel tank, upgrade body kit, new modes (more suitable for off-road), suspension with increased speed, a larger windscreen and other minor modifications.

For the first time the engine is different from the Adventure moedli standard motor. The flywheel weighs 950 grams more to improve the response and therefore handling at low speeds, which are typical for off-road use. It is also equipped with a special damping mechanism, the task of which is to reduce the vibration of motorcycle.

Features of BMW R1200GS Adventure 2014:

– More than an off-road version of the R1200GS
– Increased mass flywheel vibration damper
– Move the front and rear suspension is increased by 20 mm
– Clearance of 10 mm above the
– Restyled body kit, more robust and muscular
– 30- liter aluminum fuel tank
– ABS, ASC and two modes (standard configuration)
– Three additional modes (optional)
– Semi-active electronic suspension Dynamic ESA (optional)
– Comfortable adjustable Solid seat
– High adjustable windshield
– Wide enduro footrests
– Adjustable leg stronger controls
– Protection of the engine and the tank
– A huge number of options and accessories

Touring Enduro BMW R1200GS Adventure 2014

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