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8 years ago

Torin Big Red Motorcycle Jack

Motorcycle Lift Jack

Working on your ATV, snowmobile, or motorcycle at home can be a chore and Torin Jacks knows this and offers an affordable solution, the Torin Jacks ATV and motorcycle jack. This jack will save you from working on your back and knees by getting the bike up off the ground. The jack does weigh about 75lbs, so if you’ve got a garage or are just one of them hulking riders that can lug it to and from the house it might come in handy.
Manufacturer:Torin Jacks Inc
Items Description:
Folds for easy and convenient storage
Use tiedown straps to secure
Maximum capacity: 1500 lbs.
Lifting range: 5.125″ to 16.625″
360 degree locking swivel casters
6 locking positions
Handle included for easy movement
Replaceable bottle jack included

torin jacks atv motorcycle jack

ATV Torin Jack right side

Big Red Motorcycle Jack lifting Bike

Motorcycle Jack

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