Yamaha FZ6R
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Top 10 Best Beginners Motorcycles

Hyosung GT 250
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10. Hyosung GT250

It is a big looking motorcycle with its big frame. It has 4-stroke, air/oil cooled, DOHC, 8-valve, V-twin engine with 249cc power which is controlled by 5 speed transmission. It is a good ride for beginners in the category of sports bike. It gives excellent stability and leaning positions on the road.

Suzuki TU250X
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9. Suzuki TU250X

Suzuki TU250X is an easy bike to ride on for the beginners. Its 249cc, air cooled single cylinder engine provides good stability and control on the motorcycle. With the top speed of 75 mph and upright comfortable riding position it is a very good choice for the beginners who want to learn to ride on furious racing bikes.

Triumph Bonneville
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8. Triumph Bonneville

It’s a little hard to handle but once you are on it you will find ways to control it easily. Its powerful engine of 865cc displacement gives thumping sounds that even adds up the joy of the rider. It has 4-stroke, air cooled, DOHC, parallel twin engine controlled by 5 speed transmission.

 Honda CRF230M
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7. Honda CRF230M

If you want to learn some skills in riding adventurous and dirt rides than this probably will be the best choice for beginners for adventure riding. It is light weight and also it is easy to handle on the surface and gives really good mileage.

 KTM 390 Duke
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6. KTM 390 Duke

With the displacement of 373cc this ride is a fine sports bike. It has 4-stroke, water cooled, 1 cylinder engine which is which is controlled by 6 speed transmission. For racers this is a good bike to start from. It provides good mileage and excellent stability on the road.

 Suzuki GS500F
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5. Suzuki GS500F

Beginners usually like the designs and styling of the bike and this is versatile and powerful beginner bike. It has 487cc, parallel twin engine with 51 horse power. It can reach 115 mph which makes it excellent racing motorcycle. It provide very nice lean angle and a stable ride.

Yamaha SR400
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4. Yamaha SR400

Classic designs lover will definitely pay attention on this motorcycle as Yamaha never loses the class in design. It is more like a 70’s motorcycle with the power of 399cc and 4-stroke, 1 cylinder and air cooled engine. A great stable and comfortable ride on the road with beautiful vintage look.

Yamaha FZ6R
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3. Yamaha FZ6R

An amazing sports bike with excellent features and great styling. It gives out 66.5 horse power from 600cc, inline four engine. If you are looking for a powerful stylish and cruising sports bike then this Yamaha FZ6R will be an excellent choice for beginners.

Suzuki GW250
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2. Suzuki GW250

With stylish look this Suzuki GW250 is an amazing sports bike with fine features. It has a displacement of 248cc and possesses 4 stroke, 2 cylinder SOHC engine in its heart which is controlled by 6 speed transmission.

Kawasaki Ninja 500R
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1. Kawasaki Ninja 500R

If you are looking for furious racing machine than Kawasaki Ninja series should be in your priority list. It is fast, it is comfortable and possesses amazing features. It is very economical and give mileage of 51 mpg as a sports bike. It possesses powerful 498cc engine in its heart and is an amazing beginners racing motorcycle.

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