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5 years ago

Thunderbike Customs “Unbreakable” Wins Multiple Awards

Thunderbike Customs “Unbreakable” Wins Multiple Awards

German customizer Thunderbike Customs built a new custom-bike “Unbreakable”, which earned three awards in the Motor Show “European Bike Week 2013” in Faak, Austria. It is the Europe’s largest event that is attended about 75,000 owners of motorcycles Harley-Davidson.

Custom-bike Thunderbike Unbreakable won several awards for the show “Harley-Davidson Ride-In”: the best custom, best bike shows, etc. To build custom bikes took more than six months, so Andreas Bergerforth (President Thunderbike) is very pleased with the results and the outcome of labor Motor Show in Austria.

Some details of the project:
Homemade handmade frame
26-inch front wheel
Customize new plug
Painting – work Ingo Kruse
Nickel coating many details

Thunderbike Customs Unbreakable Photos

Thunderbike Customs Unbreakable Pictures

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