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2 years ago

The Top Ten Motorcycle Safety Tips for New Riders

I would talk about the importance of motorcycle safety gear. After a recent smash up, I am a very lucky kid to still be here. I think that everyone should wear motorcycle gear, and most definitely take precautions to riding safer.

Motorcycle Safety

1. First bit of advice – take a class. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation offers classes that are excellent for beginners. The class usually covers both theory and practical experience, and culminates with testing for a license.

2. Each time you ride, especially if it’s been a while since your last ride, do a quick check of the bike for mechanical issues. I usually make sure the lights work, and tires are inflated properly.

3. Don’t be influenced by others. Ride at your own pace. If you are riding with more experienced riders who want to go faster than you are comfortable, tell them you will catch up with them down the road. Better to get there at your own pace than not to get there at all.

4. Look where you want to go. Many new riders make the mistake of looking at oncoming traffic or looking at a curb… your motorcycle tends to go where you look. You’ll find it will help a lot in u-turns or tight turns if you look where you want the bike to go.

5. This may seem simple, but I’ve seen many new riders who drop their bike because they tried to stop with the front tire turned. Stop with the front tire straight.

6. Be aware of road surfaces. You may not see sand, but it’s as slippery as ice. Also wet leaves can be very treacherous.

7. Intersections are dangerous. Be sure to have a clear line of sight before entering the intersection. If you cannot see them, they cannot see you. The #1 area where most accidents occur is an intersection with one of the parties making a left turn.

8. Try to enter the turn at a controlled speed. If you enter too hot, you may be tempted to hit the brake to slow down. It’s better to lean into the turn and give it more gas to take you through the turn. Hitting the brake changes the balance of the bike, and lifts the front, which reduces your control.

9. Be aware of blind spots of other drivers. If you can’t see their eyes, they cannot see you. That’s especially true when following a big truck – be sure you can see their mirrors – or when changing lanes on a highway.

10. Always wear an helmet . This needs no elaboration but some of the bikers would neglect this vital safety tip. without helmet can greatly diminish your chances of survival if you are unfortunate to get hit and will always guarantee you better odds than going bare-headed .

Have fun and be safe!

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