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8 years ago

The Most Powerful and Technologically Advanced Intel Bike American Chopper

Intel's American Chopper Bike

Intel and Orange County Choppers combined their mutual know-how and created this monstrosity of a motorcycle—also known as Satan’s ride. This isn’t the Satan you know, this is the bad-ass futuristic Satan from 2046. The motorcycle/chopper has TWO motors, 250 horsepower, GPS, finger-print recognition for the ignition and a very high tech Intel digital display panel to inform the rider about his speed, rpm’s, fuel level, and the kick stand.

It includes a removable, rugged Switch Back computer made by Black Diamond Advanced Technology in Tempe that was selected because it can withstand a jarring ride on a motorcycle. It also has rear-view cameras in place of mirrors and a touch panel console at the helm to complete the futuristic look of the bike.  Security is no issue as it uses finger-print recognition to identify the rider and start the engine. Intel hired Orange County Choppers, of Montgomery, N.Y. to build the custom bike to celebrate Intel’s new low-power Core Duo processor and the 30th anniversary of its embedded group.

Intel and Orange County Choppers perfect combination of bike

Intel OCC Chopper bike

Intel OCC Satan's rider Bike

Beautiful Powerful Intel Chopper Bike

Custom bike on the celebration of Intel

Intel occ  bike at  the time of launching

Chopper Intel bike Engine Specification

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