Custom motorcycles can look good – even if they don’t look good. For example, take a look at ICON’s Magnificent Bastard (they couldn’t come up with a better name) – 1986 Honda VF1000R, big, heavy dinosaur, featuring steel perimeter, huge engine and modular wheels. Too heavy for track – to slick for adventure riding.That’s where the ICON geniosity kicked in.

Icon Motorsports have a refreshingly unique approach to both motorcycles and motorcycle gear, their current product range has the singular distinction of being popular with both the ultra-modern/super-bike crowd as well as the hand-built/retro/air-cooled community.

Beautiful motorbike of the magnificent bastard by icon 1000  has a powerful enjoine

Icon 1000 is a new parallel brand from Icon specializing in premium motorcycle gear and clothing with emphasis on retro styling and state-of-the-art technology. A space that’s been woefully absent up until now.

The Icon 1000 series is accompanied by a series of motorcycles, one of which you see pictured above and below. Clearly the design team at Icon decided to not break the mould , but to fire the mould out of a cannon into a brick wall. Then jump up and down on the remaining pieces.

Beautiful Back Lights of The mangnificent bastard

Breaks and fron view of the magnificent bastard by icon 1000

Attractive View of The Mangnificent Bastard icon 1000

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