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Brutus Electric Motorcycle
7 years ago

The Green Brutus Electric Cruiser: A Real Beauty

Brutus Electric Motorcycle

The Brutus is a beautiful beast of an electric motorcycle. It is an over-powering, muscular, and strong hand built motorcycle that does not at all look like it is powered by a clean and green electric engine. With its outstanding speed, attractive looks and Eco-friendly credentials, this electric cruiser is set to touch the hearts of the ‘bikers of the world.

Unlike other electric bikes, the Brutus uses a conventional five-speed transmission to channel power from the lithium-ion battery pack. The current model uses a 72 volt lead-acid battery with a top speed of 70 miles per hour and a meager range of 20 miles on a single recharge, while taking only 3 hours to completely the charge. It is expected to get a top speed of 100 mph and go for 60 miles. This could be bettered further with a 144 volt version to boost that top speed to over 125 mph. Let’s enjoy some videos and images about Green Brutus electric cruiser below:

Green Brutus Electric Cruiser Side view

Green Brutus Electric Cruiser back view

Green Brutus Electric Cruiser

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