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7 years ago

The DUU by CR&S Motorcycles


Café racers & Superbikes (CR&S) is a famous motorcycle workshop established by Roberto Crepaldi in Milan. The DUU is an outstanding superbike concept by CR&S. Powered by a muscular American 1,916cc X-Wedge, V-twin engine it can produce over 95 HP and 140 Nm of torque from 2,500 to 4,700 rpm. These fascinating features made enable the DUU to win a place at the MAD (Moto Arte Design). The well balanced design of the bike provides a full riding satisfaction at any route. In all the DUU is a superb looking bike and will also be extremely rare. Check out the images below:

Left side view

Front view

Back side view

Right side view

Back lights

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