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The Crunch’ Bike front light
5 years ago

‘The Crunch’ by Das Traumwerk

The Crunch’ Bike front light

Alex Ahrer and Herwig Prammer built an interesting BOARD Tracker with elements of street-tracker and Rat style. They have done a really interesting job. For example, the fuel tank lay on the sheep farm for 3 months, which is completely covered with corrosion. In addition, Alex and Herwig painted yellow engine that allocates the machine against all motorcycle. Alex Ahrer and Herwig Prammer live in Austria, running a workshop “Das Traumwerk”. They are also assisted by the town blacksmith, a multitude of local petrolheads, and a retired Austrian 600cc champion.

Details of the project “The Crunch”:

Donor: BMW R80 / July 1977
Inspiration: BOARD trackers beginning of the 20th century
Saddle: Replica of Mesinger Racer (20-30’s’s used on many American bikes)
Speed switch: Bakelite
Tail lamp from the tractor Steyr
Front fender from an old Harley Sportster

The main feature of the bike is that it is completely suitable for driving in Austria, where the Austria’s laws are similar to Germany’s famously strict TÜV inspections.

The Crunch engine

The Crunch’ Bike back light

The Crunch’ Bike fuel tank

The Crunch’ Bike light

The Crunch’ Bike Pictures

The Crunch’ Bike race

The Crunch’ Bike seat

‘The Crunch’ by Das Traumwerk

Customizers of The Crunch

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