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Crossbow Electric Motorbike side view
7 years ago

The Crossbow: An Extreme All Weather Electric Motorbike

Crossbow Electric Motorbike side view

The Crossbow is an extreme all-weather electric motorbike with a protective windshield that doesn’t require the rider to wear a helmet. Unlike most two wheeled motorbikes, it comes with a canopy shaped cover that will shield the rider from any type of danger that comes straight to the face and offers extra level of security for the motorcyclists.

The futuristic design is eye soothing and stands out of the crowd. It’s a new breed of electric motorcycle that is set to take the market by storm. The fresh designing and ability to touch high speeds will send an adrenaline rush amongst serious riders. Take a look!

Crossbow Electric Motorbike White

Crossbow Electric Motorbike Black

Stylish Crossbow Electric Motorbike

Crossbow Electric Motorbike overview

Crossbow Electric Motorbike Front

Crossbow Electric Motorbikes

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