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The Cosmic Rider
5 years ago

The Cosmic Rider by Heiner Trapp

The Cosmic Rider

Austrian Heiner Trapp is a climbing Arborist. He bit knows about how to maintain a two stroke engine and keeping one tuned. In addition, he is interested in customizing from a young age.

One day Heiner climbed up a tree and see an old puke green motorcycle RD/ RZ350 YPVS in the yard of his neighbor house. He went to the owner and agreed to buy. Returning home Heiner immediately set to work devising a design for the future of custom bikes. He wanted an easy and fast bike. So, Heiner assistant with professional master Bernhard Naumann built a custom “der Kosmische Reiter” (The Cosmic Rider).

The Cosmic Rider Features:

Kit: Make Bernard Naumann – aluminum fuel tank, tail section, a leather saddle
Tank cap Monza
Engine: Repair, powder painting, Wössner pistons and more
Exhaust: Customize work by Jim Lomas (known racer, a specialist in exhaust sound systems)
Control unit: Celltronic
Power: 70 hp on the dyne

der Kosmische Reiter Images

der Kosmische Reiter Pictures

The Cosmic Rider front light

The Cosmic Rider handle and fuel tank

The Cosmic Rider Photos

The Cosmic Rider silencers

der Kosmische Reiter Fuel Tank

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