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bmw d1200r concept bike
7 years ago

The BMW D1200R Concept Motorcycle

bmw d1200r concept  bike

The BMW D1200R is a concept motorcycle. Designer Pablo Gonzalez de Chaves and Carlos Beltran worked tirelessly on the D1200R to make sure the production version was exactly what we expected. They want to change the BMW R1200R into a new motorcycle, with a new chassis, a new front suspension, essentially a whole new design.

Milled aluminum is used to design the chassis for the D1200R and the front brake is from a Buell XB12. The bike will also feature BMW’s bulletproof boxer engine and hub-steering. BMW D1200R Motorcycle Concept will become a modern motorcycle on the world. Take a look!

demonstener 1200r bmw

motorcycle concept bmw d1200r

bmw concept bike d1200r

demonstener bmw main

bmw motorcycle concept-d1200r

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