AC Sanctuary Katana

AC Sanctuary Katana Pictures

Suzuki Katana was launched in 1980 and at that time it had great charms. Everyone liked it and wanted to buy it. It is always said that the cycle of fashion takes 40 years so maybe such type of bikes are going to be in the fashion again. The bike was made by Target Design […]

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New Motorcycle Suzuki GW250S 2014

Suzuki GW250S 2014

At the International Motor Show in Shanghai (21-29 April), the company introduced the new Suzuki motorcycle “Suzuki GW250S 2014”. To start a novelty, based on the standard model of Suzuki GW250 , will be sold only in China, but Suzuki are determined to deliver the bike to Japan and Europe. The main difference between models […]

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New Suzuki Zeus125 XCD

Suzuki ZEUS 125 (GT125XCD) is build for city commuters, it is the least powered engine in its class. Suzuki Zeus is available in various models and colors and it is very affordable as the cost of Suzuki Zeus is not very high. All aluminum, air cooled zeus engine breathes through twin valves. The model is […]

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