Kraus Johnson Special is the Chopper Goddess (Features and Pictures)

Kraus Johnson Special Chopper

Customizer Satya Kraus from the workshop “Kraus Motor” is engaged in the construction of the really interesting and unusual motorcycles. Earlier we looked at some of his works, but now propose to draw attention to the chopper :Johnson Special” with a classy design and original technical solutions. Satya Kraus has always been famous for unconventional […]

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Chopper L&L Sportster

Chopper L&L Sportster Pictures

Sometimes age customizer does not matter, the young craftsmen are also able to build great motorcycles. For example, consider the chopper, which has worked over 21-year-old Dutch engineer Paul of the workshop “L&L Choppers” (custom-largest company in the Netherlands). The basis of his project, Paul used the motorcycle Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200, more engine, transmission and […]

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