2012 Vespa S 50 4V Review

2012 Vespa S 50-4V Red Color

2012 Vespa S 50 4V sport brings out the sport spirit of Vespa with strictly minimalist aesthetics, thanks to its small body, are reminiscent of the 1970s circa models. The simple yet eye-catching livery of the Vespa S Sport emphasizes its clean, restrained forms. The dedicated graphics and the saddle, single seat for the 50 […]

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2012 Vespa Quarantasei Review

A model is promoting 2012 Vespa Quarantasei

Vespa has been established since 1946 as a unique case of style and technology, to meet the demand for freedom of all generations and point the way for a world in which individual mobility is concerned, is identical to the emancipation. 2012 Vespa Quarantasei is one motorcycle model that is introduced by the  Vespa with […]

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2012 Vespa LX 50 Review

Front View of 2012 Vespa LX Touring 50 is standing

  The Touring Special Edition, available for the svelte 2012 Vespa LX 50, draws inspiration from the thousands of specially equipped Vespas for touring that have taken entire generations on road trips all over the world. The “Touring” badge proudly flaunted on the shield back plate alongside the glove box identifies the new Special Edition and […]

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