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Soft and Comfortable Sidi Faenza Socks
6 years ago

Soft and Comfortable Sidi Faenza Socks

Soft and Comfortable Sidi Faenza Socks

Motorcyclists know that is not only important to choose the right motor-boats, but also the quality and reasonable socks. It is necessary for a safe ride to socks were comfortable and the leg, wearing shoes, was always in comfort.

Sidi company annually produces new collection of accessories, including this year, new socks Faenza, designed specifically for riding a motorcycle. This socks model is universal because it is suitable for any model of motor boats Sidi: for a motocross track or for tourism.

Soft and Comfortable Sidi Faenza Socks

Socks made of breathable material, “pacing”, so they are very soft, light and comfortable. Fabric made on the basis of this material, dries much faster than any other.
In making these socks, special attention was paid to details that ensure maximum comfort for the feet. For example, in the leg material has tiny holes that provide improved ventilation. Tight elastic material covers toe and caviar the most sensitive areas exposed abrasion inside the shoe. That is why the heel and toe be safe and two other areas that often rubbed also reinforced dense tissue.

Faenza socks are available in sizes S / ML / XL and in several colors (red and white and black and gray).

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