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Sibling Rivalry Project by Deus Ex Machina
6 years ago

Sibling Rivalry Project by Deus Ex Machina

Sibling Rivalry Project by Deus Ex Machina

California division of Deus Ex Machina finished building two new motorcycles. The project is called “Sibling Rivalry” (Enmity brothers). These beautiful two cafe racer made on the basis of motorcycles Honda. The first motorcycle called “Boodaak”, the second one is “Dakdaak”. Motorcycles are based on off-road engines Honda.

Sibling Rivalry Project details:

Both motorcycles were custom tuned by Jim Wood at Southland Racing Products.
Boodaak equipped with engine Honda XR650R (specification HRC, large diameter valves, connecting rods Carrillo),
Dakdaak – engine Honda CRF450X Stage Two
Frame: handcrafted, chrome-molybdenum steel
Pendulums: handcrafted, chrome-molybdenum steel
Brake System: 6 piston calipers Beringer in front with rear Brembos
Aluminum fuel tanks: handmade
Rizoma Accessories
A custom leather saddle for each motorcycle
Tires: Bridgestone Battlax BT-003
Suspension by Lindemann Engineering

Dakdaak Motorcycle

Dakdaak Pictures

Dakdaak Seat

Dakdaak Kick, and engine

Dakdaak Photos

Boodaak Motorcycle

Boodaak Pictures

Boodaak seat

Boodaak shocks

Boodaak wheel

Boodaak chain

Boodaak fuel tank

Boodaak gear

Boodaak meter

Boodaak on stand

Boodaak Photos

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