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Scrambler BMW R100 1976
5 years ago

Scrambler BMW R100 1976 (Pictures and Features)

Scrambler BMW R100 1976

Lovely BMW R100 1976 scrambler is built by Moto enthusiast Steve, who is a big fan of motorcycles and is well versed in mechanics. Being a motor engineer, Steve believes that it is not enough to remove just some parts and install others.

First of all, Steve took up the engine. He dismantled the power, restored carburetors, replaced gaskets and eliminates leaks. Steve installed new piston rings, springs and other consumables, but he didn’t mention setting timings and ignition system. Steve decided to get rid of the subframe BMW R100 subframe in favor of BMW R65, which has been modernized under the desired proportions.

Parts and Upgrades:

Wheels painted black
Tires Continental TKC80
Customize high wings
Longer grip
New hoses brakes and throttle cable
Scrambler wheel
Customize harness
A custom saddle
Fuel tank cleaned and coated with chromium
Exhaust system of stainless steel tubes, reflective coverings

Scrambler BMW R100 1976 silencer

Scrambler BMW R100 1976 back light

Scrambler BMW R100 1976 front light

Scrambler BMW R100 1976 Head-light

Scrambler BMW R100 1976 on stand

Scrambler BMW R100 1976 Pictures

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