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Rossmeyer Flyer
7 years ago

Rossmeyer Flyer by Jesse Rooke

Rossmeyer Flyer

The Rossmeyer Flyer by Jesse Rooke comprehends innovative design and true love of two-wheeled works of art. It was a special built for a famous Harley-Davidson dealership owner Bruce Rossmeyer. The Rossmeyer Flyer superbly integrates all the element of a beach cruiser, chopper and board-tracker without overwhelming the design.

The Rossmeyer Flyer breathes fire with its powerful Harley-Davidson 120ci Twin Cam Evo engine. To give the engine finishing touch a Rooke Customs 2-into-2 stainless steel exhaust system and a Mikuni carburetor were added. Matt Polosky brilliantly did the paint job. Pearl white, black, gold and Ruby red truly represent the beaming personality of Flyer. Two of Rossmeyer Flyers were sold out of a total three built, and the remaining was retained for Bruce’s personal collection.

Front wheel

Left view




Back wheel

Fuel tank

Rossmeyer Flyer by Jesse Rooke

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