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Pop Cycles
7 years ago

Pop Cycles by El Solitario MC

Pop Cycles

We always try our best to show the readers what is hot in motorcycles. While looking around the web we find these vintage inspired motorbikes which greatly attract our attention. Based on 2 Donor Honda CG 125′s, Pop Cycles by El Solitario MC are the most fun and unique looking motorcycles demonstrating a whole new attempt in the world of custom bikes.

Northern Spain’s builder El Solitario MC teamed up with David Borras to create these amazing looking Pop Cycles. A team of mechanics and artist led by Borras strip down the base models and remove everything that was unnecessary. Lanas Paint Shop and Spanish artists JMKL nicely have done the paint job. The elegant color schemes truly represent the bikes’ personalities and uniqueness. Take a look!

Pop Cycles black

Pop Cycles by El Solitario MC


Back side view

Fuel Tank


Vintage Motorbikes

Source: El Solitario MC

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