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Police Motorcycle Honda CBR250R
6 years ago

Police Motorcycle Honda CBR250R

Police Motorcycle Honda CBR250R

The company Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India has introduced a brand-new Honda police motorcycle Honda CBR250R at the exhibition of “Security Expo 2013” in New Delhi (India),

Police motorcycle Honda CBR250R has been designed in collaboration with IJS Electronics, which manufactures accessories for special vehicles. New product designed as a patrol vehicle so equipped with LED police light, sirens and other necessary accessories. On the left side is a special trunk for storage of documents, forms, and other important items. Of course, Honda CBR250R little lost in aerodynamics, but the majority of the Indian population commutes to low-power motorcycles, so should be no problems.

From a technical point of view, motorcycle Honda CBR250R has not changed. The engine produces 26 hp power and 22.9 Nm of torque. The police version is only available in Asia, along with a police helmet, equipped with a special communicator with a microphone.

Police Motorcycle Honda CBR250R Pictures

Police Motorcycle Honda CBR250R Photos

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